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Through proprietary field research and work system in Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore provide our customers with exclusive access to opportunities in markets that have been featuring some of the biggest Returns On Investment for the past 20 years.

International Bridging, Partnerships & M&A in Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore

The paths to successfully enter a foreign market are varied – pure import business, proprietary local production, strategic alliance, licensing agreement, franchising agreement, joint production, or acquisition of a local company.

Endéamond Partners not only can assist you to develop the best strategy, but also to implement it. In our experience, it often comes down to one of three main themes:
a) to find a partner that best fits the objectives and structure of the chosen strategy – whether it is a distribution representative or a production joint venture partner;  
b) setting up operations in Vietnam, Thailand or Singapore – whether it is a wholly-owned production facility, a joint venture or in conjunction with a successful acquisition effort;
c) Executing M&A plans – be it a minority stake or a controlling interest.

Endeamond Asean has developed a market entry plan into Thailand for us. It’s exceeded our expectations. They have also started doing business development for us, which they had no obligation to. Apart from the technical excellency, their reports were beautifully designed, and they ran the extra mile to be available, working late hours due to our time zone difference.

Mark Edmond


Gabriel and his team at Endeamond Asean have delivered the best advisory service I have ever hired. To start with, I didn’t even know there was a market for us in Vietnam. They identified the business opportunity, pitched us, delivered a Feasibility Study and, after that, connected us to potential local service providers and target companies. I can’t thank them enough.

Seth Cohen

Managing Partner 

Market Entry Strategies

We provide client companies with strategic and practical assistance that directly supports their business expansion into Southeast Asian countries. Our support is provided in 2 phases:

Phase 1: Feasibility of International Expansion and Development of an Entry Strategy

Development of an entry strategy is one of the most important processes in international business expansion. Based on a client’s “willingness to enter” the international market and its “target country,” we conduct research on the local market environment (such as customer/channel trends, and competitors), operational environment, taxation and regulations.
Then we develop an entry strategy, based on our analysis of the client’s advantages in market competition, entry method, globally-linked operational models, investment plans and long-term business penetration/expansion road map.
If a client chooses to acquire existing businesses or facilities in Southeast Asia (the “brownfield” approach) as its entry method, we create a shortlist of local companies that fit the client’s business strategy and that are suitable for prospective joint ventures or business acquisition. We also consider schemes for alliances with prospective partners, M&A strategies, FDI regulations, tax treaties and other international tax issues.
When we propose an operational model for a client, we consider not only the local procurement/physical distribution/infrastructure environment, but also the impact on the client’s global supply chain consolidation of the local business in terms of efficiency improvements and international tax benefits.
ENDÉAMOND Partners has solid business foundations in Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore. By providing fresh and reliable local information and comprehensive reviews on consulting, deals and tax issues, we support our client’s efforts to maximize their investment impact and provides a feasible entry strategy.

Major Solutions in Phase 1

Market Research

Market size trend research
Customer trend research
Competitor trend research
Sales channel trend research
Related standards/ research on trends in regulations

Operating Environment Research

Physical distribution environment research
Procurement environment research
Labor market environment research

Taxation Research

Tariff and transfer price regulations
FDI regulations and preferential treatments

Entry Strategy Development

Entry option selections
Operating model outline design
Alliance strategy development

M&A Advisory

M&A strategy
Target sourcing

Phase 2: International Expansion — Development of a Business Plan, Operational Design and Tax Strategy

Once you decide to expand its business into a foreign country, we create specific plans based on the chosen entry strategy. In this phase, we help you to develop a business plan (investment, personnel and financial) that takes into account the local taxation and accounting systems. In developing a business plan, we create a marketing strategy to achieve business targets, including product introduction, pricing, promotions, and marketing channels.
To achieve the goals of the business plan, we also draw up a framework for the structure of the supply chain, including specific operating sites, physical distribution and procurement, and other operations supporting the supply chain, IT systems and organisational structure.
If a client chooses the brownfield approach as its entry method, the client must close a transaction in this phase with the local company that it plans to acquire. In closing a transaction, we provide M&A advisory services to assist the client in closing the deal, from lead advisory (assistance in negotiation and closure), due diligence and evaluation to modelling. Moreover, to ensure that our clients attain successful results from M&A deals, our professional team provides strong support to clients as they tackle difficult cross-border post-merger integration (PMI), including preparation for Day 1 and assistance in developing and implementing a 100-day plan.
In this phase, it is important to assess how uncertainties can be eliminated before making investments in the next phase or how risks can be identified properly when developing a contingency plan. With our knowledge of local business environments and diverse service lines, ENDÉAMOND Asean can visualize a business plan from a comprehensive viewpoint and take risks and corresponding countermeasures visible for our clients.

Ho Chi Minh City - View from Bitexco Financial Centre

Major Solutions in Phase 2

Development of a detailed marketing strategy

Channel promotion

M&A Advisory

Assistance in negotiation and closure (FA)
Due diligence (DD)
Post-merger integration (PMI)

Operating Model Design

Assessment of proposed sites
Assessment of physical distribution routes/modes and operators
Supplier assessment
Sales channel assessment
Basic framework of organization, operations and IT systems

Infrastructure Project Formation

F/S support
Assistance with bureaucratic procedures

Business Plan Development

Profit/Loss , Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow plans
Personnel plan
Tax Strategy Development
Investment plan

Outsourcing Advisory

Research and advisory on local accounting, legal and marketing suppliers

Market Entry Advisory Track-Record

$ 35 M+

Revenue added to our clients 

Feb. 2020



Feb. 2020


Of our projects resulted in market expansions into Thailand or Vietnam (8 out of 9)

Feb. 2020

Local Partner Search & Business Development Program

Our Partner Search and BD Program covers the entire process of establishing a successful business in the target market with a local partner.
The program may begin in a workshop setting in which we, together with our clients, develop a potential partner profile. 
Next, we screen potential partners to establish a shortlist of solid candidates. 
Following partner selection, negotiations, and contracting, we assist in integrating our client with the new partner in the target market. 

In Vietnam, Thailand or Singapore, getting the right partner usually is the best way to start with

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