Discover the next big business opportunities in Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore before it is too late.

Companies, investors & funds use ENDÉAMOND services to visualise opportunities, grow their businesses and make effective decisions.

Discover the next big business opportunity in Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore before it is too late.

Companies, investors & funds use ENDÉAMOND services to visualise opportunities, grow their business and make effective decisions.


In Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore with an asymmetrical risk-return in the world order post COVID-19.


Create leads, target company acquisitions, and envision investments aligned to your strategy.


Enlight your business decisions, with an insider’s perspective about Vietnamese, Thai, and Singaporean markets.

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Get an edge in Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore

Endéamond Research provides you with independent and actionable intelligence services about Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore.

We help you to identify business opportunities, as well as bring you information and analysis to support your company decision-making about Southeast Asia related themes.
We leverage our expertise, multicultural skills, and regional network to create value for your company in Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore.

Agnostic interpreters of the market's factual reality(ies).

Our Approach

We look at the world from an agnostic perspective and analyse its various dimensions and factors: human behaviour, economics, mathematics, history and other disciplines. The use of multiple models is critical to our method, helping us turn knowledge into insight and spot broader patterns that others overlook.

Complex and Critical Thinking

There is a need for a thought that connects what is separated and compartmentalised, that observe the diverse at the same time as recognises the unity, that tries to discern interdependencies.
A radical thought, that goes to the root of issues.
A multidimensional thought.
An organising thinking or system which conceives the relationship Whole <-------> Parts the way ecological sciences and biology think.
A holistic thought, which instead of thinking only of mathematical-financial models, considers it in and for its connection with its cultural, social, economic, political, natural environment.
A thought that understands the dynamics and dialectics of action and is capable of a strategy that allows to modify and even annul undertaken actions.
A thought that recognises its incompleteness and negotiates with uncertainty, especially in action.
There is a need to face problems that involve uncertainties and unpredictability, interdependencies and inter-retro-actions of relatively rapid planetary extension, with discontinuities, nonlinearities, imbalances, “chaotic” behaviours, bifurcations.
Genuine critical thinking requires more attention to the real world than to theories and popular opinions.
The answers may be unknown, but critical thinking is a way to lead, not to follow the herd.
We give our best to decipher the complexity of the world and translate it into useful knowledge for our clients.

Data-Driven Methodology

We combine both traditional and alternative data in our research processes. Endéamond Partners has developed a proprietary methodology using data from a variety of global and local sources, which distinguishes us from our peers.

Human Sagacity is Still Indispensable to Build Effective Decisions

We have seen that massive sophistication of algorithms and AI tools does not necessarily conduct to good results. It dues to a variety of factors, among which we can underline (i) the fact that algos itself are built according to human premises, and also, perhaps, the prevalence of (human) cognitive biases over the objective reality that emanates from data.
That’s why we believe human sagacity is still indispensable to build effective decisions. 

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Feb. 2020


Of our projects resulted in market expansions into Thailand or Vietnam (8 out of 9)

Feb. 2020